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Professional Strength Prevagen is 40 mg of the active ingredient apoaequorin.  
This is 4 times the strength

of regular Prevagen, and twice the strength of Prevagen es.

Prevagen Improves Memory in Randomized Controlled Trial

Madison Memory Study Cover

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The Madison Memory Study is a recently concluded trial of 218 adults over 40 years old who had memory concerns and evaluated the effect of Prevagen on cognitive function.

Over the course of three months, participants took either Prevagen or placebo and were tested using various computer-based assessments on five separate occasions.

Results of the study showed that Prevagen significantly improved brain performance in the following areas:

  • cognitive function – the ability to process information and make decisions
  • word recall – the ability to remember a grocery list for example
  • short term memory – the ability to recall recent events

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